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Danny Orlis By Bernard Palmer &

Moody Press Books   


Danny Orlis Paperbacks  by Moody Press

# 22     Danny Orlis and the Strange Forest Fires      VG  $2.00   View
# 300   Danny Orlis and the Big Indian     Fair         $2.00     
# 312   Danny Orlis Changes Schools                VG   $2.00           View
# 312   Danny Orlis Changes Schools                VG   $2.00           View
# 283  Danny Orlis on Superstition Mountain   VG-  $2.00       
Danny Orlis and the Angle Inlet Mystery        VG   $2.00        View   
Danny Orlis Model Plane Mystery                 Poor     $2.00        View

Danny Orlis Hardbacks  by Moody Press

The Boy Who Wouldn't Listen                Good    $5.00        View
Danny Orlis and His Big Chance                VG     $10.00        View

Little Feather  by Bernard Palmer  Zondervan Hardback
Little Feather and the Mystery Mine       VG-   $3.00

Moody Press Paperbacks by Betty Swinford
Drums in the Night  Corner cover cut    $3.00          
Mystery of the White Monkeys                  VG        $2.00     
Secret of Picture Rocks Canyon     VG        $2.00                 
Mystery of the Vanishing Horses                  VG        $2.00            
Thunder of Triple R Ranch        VG          $5.00    

Lori Adams  by Moody Press  Paperbacks
#1   Lori Adams and the Old Carter House Mystery  VG     $4.00 
#2  Lori Adams and the Adopted Rebel                VG        $4.00  

Moody Youth Library Paperbacks
# 84  Peggy Archer Missionary Candidate              VG Library pocket       $3.00     
# 115  Biff Norris and the Clue of the Midnight Stage           Fair        $2.00  
# 127 Further Adventures of Captain Daley's Crew    VG- Paperback   $2.00  
# 145  The Forester's Secret                               VG-        $2.00    View
# 204  Lori Adams and the Old Carter House Mystery                  VG        $2.50     

The Bradleys  by Moody Press  Paperback
The Bradleys and the Mystery of the New Skis       VG+   $2.00

Miscellaneous  Moody Press
The Green Whale of the Amazon     VG-  $2.00        
Captain Daley's Crew and the Peg-Legged Tramp    Ex-lib Paperback   $1.00  
Del Norton and the Hidden Cave    Ex-lib Paperback   $3.00  
Pete and Penny Think and Thank       VG      $2.00       View

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